The Benefits of CBD

The Benefits of CBD

If the "paper of record" has jumped into the mix on the benefits of CBD, perhaps there's something more to this wonder-product than simple here-say and hokum. 

Finding CBD particularly beneficial are our customers dealing with some kind of pain ailment - joint, arthritis, chronic headaches - all stemming from a variety of lifestyle factors including age, injury, or anxiety-onset causes. But, what makes a good CBD product?

No doubt there's plenty of CBD brands and products to choose from now - and it's happened in a short period of time. Chances are if you filled out any contact form or survey online in the past two years, you've been bombarded with offers and advertisements for a myriad of CBD products to try. You've probably even gotten - and possibly fallen victim - to the "get your first bottle free!" trial type offerings, that do well to bait you into a recurring subscription you didn't know you were getting. 

Of course, it's not all bad. The right CBD product is the perfect compliment to your daily vitamin and/or sleep routine, and it provides many of the health benefits your traditional vitamin supplements do, as well as a holistic, no-side-effect treatment for what ails you. So what's the difference between many other CBD products on the market and Your Wellness Direct?

No.1 - We're the manufacturer of our CBD products. Or direct-to-farm relationship means we're hands on with each step of the CBD creation process: planting, growing, cultivation, extraction, testing, formulation, bottling, shipping. That's all done in-house, by us, no third party. Whether you're purchasing online or over the phone with one of our specialists, you can know that each step of the process is completed by a Your Wellness Direct employee. 

No.2 - We don't put any unnecessary additives in our formulas, especially our tinctures. Sure other brands might give you the yummy oil they've laced with sugar or other artificial substances, but we don't believe in that. Our CBD tinctures are made from Hemp Oil, and CBD Isolate, and that's it. (unless of course you like our mint flavored tinctures, in which case you'll get a hint of mint ;) 

We know you've got plenty of choices to choose from for your CBD product routine - for your next purchase give us a chance, we're sure you'll like it. 

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