CBD OIl tinctures

Our first and most popular CBD formula. Reliable and effective.

CBD Cream 

Excellent for use on aches and pains, plus great for skin care!

CBD Pet tinctures

Our newest product! Get your pet the same relief you get for yourself.

Nature’s Best +
Superior Science

NanoZ CBD brings together the best of nature and science to produce the highest quality CBD oils and blends. 

Nano tech

Our products are fortified with a proprietary nanoparticle delivery technology that is leading the industry in maximizing bioavailability and faster absorption. 

terpene tech

Products are bio-enhanced with our proprietary blend of 9 natural industrial hemp-derived terpenes including Myrcene, Ocimene and Humulene, allowing our products to provide tailored effects. 


Our oils deliver the full spectrum of cannabinoids available in the hemp plant, now a consumer requirement. 


We’ve taken special care to create a consistent customer experience across every batch of every product, employing a standardized process across the entire supply chain. 

Why We Nanosize Our CBD

While CBD is shown to offer a wide range of benefits, only roughly 10% to 15% of it can actually make it through the body’s digestive system and into the bloodstream when normally extracted, compounded and administered. Not only does this make most CBD products difficult to dose… It can also render them largely ineffective. 

To address this, our scientists recognized that reducing the size of the actual particles of CBD and other beneficial ingredients would allow them to be more easily absorbed. By nanosizing our CBD and blending it with minerals that open pathways in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the CBD in our products becomes more bioavailable, and can be absorbed in far greater amounts, than other forms of CBD given in traditional oral administration. 

Wholesale Opportunities

To inquire about bulk orders, or private labeling, please contact us!